Booksonic - Audiobook streamer

What is it?

Booksonic is a server and an app for streaming your audiobooks to any pc or android phone. Most of the functionality is also available on other platforms that have apps for subsonic.

Open Source

Booksonic is Open-Source and based on Subsonic and DSub. It is released under GPL and the source code can be downloaded from my GitHub page


You can download the latest server version here.
The android app can be Purchased and downloaded on google play.
Get it on Google Play

How to use

Please read this

I am glad you are interested in Booksonic.
Please keep in mind that Booksonic is a very new project and I have not had the time to write any good documentation yet. I will update this soon but for now the instructions are very limited, if you need any help with how to use it please contact me at and I will try to help you with whatever problem you might have.
You could also go to /r/Booksonic on reddit for help

Installation & Configuration

You can find a guide for installing and configuring both the server and the client here. It is written by Patrik "Popeen" Johansson, the main Booksonic developer.

Adding bookinfo to the server

Book description: Create a new file in the folder of the book you want to add a description to. Call it "desc.txt". Anything you write in this file will be in the description.
Narrator: Create a new file in the folder of the book you want to add a narrator to. Call it "reader.txt". Anything you write in this file will shown as narrator.



There are three downloads for the server. One for Windows, a war file that can be installed on most operating systems and a docker container. The docker container is not created but endored by the Booksonic developer.

Windows installer
Download 1.0
Download 1.1.Beta1

War file (all platforms)
Download 1.0
Download 1.1.Beta1

Docker container (created and maintained by Alex Kretzschmar)

Read this if you are comming from a 1.0.beta version

If you have a 1.0.beta version of the server please uninstall it before installing this release. This is a one time thing and will not happen if you change version in the future. If you want to keep your users take a backup of c:\subsonic\db\subsonic.script before you uninstall the beta version. After you have installed this release stop the server, rename the backup you took earlier to booksonic.script and put it at c:\booksonic\db\ There will be one there already, just replace that one.

Android Client

The android client is available for purchase and download on google play. You can also build it yourself for free using the sources on the GitHub page
Get it on Google Play


You can contact me at
or at /r/Booksonic on reddit
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